Why Fröyja

Fröyja is a beverage that is beneficial for you and your skin.

For the body to function optimally, we need to consume enough vitamins and minerals while also allowing time for recovery. Since the body cannot produce vitamins on its own, it is essential to obtain them through a good and varied diet. Fröyja is specially formulated to maintain a normal and healthy skin. It is not an energy drink and does not contain caffeine. Caffeine inhibits our absorption of important vitamins and minerals.

Active bacterial culture (probiotics + prebiotics = synbiotics) is one of our most important ingredients. Since the stomach plays a central role in our well-being, it is essential to start by taking care of the stomach to promote health and skin.

Fröyja can be enjoyed at any time - in everyday life, to quench your thirst, when you crave a tasty beverage, or at parties. Moreover, it provides you with beneficial bacteria, vitamins, and minerals. You can drink Fröyja every day to maximize its effects.

Learn more about what Fröyja contains under the skin and vitamins

Fröyja is a caffeine-free drink, so it can be consumed by everyone at any time, including nursing mothers, pregnant women, and children.