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Fröyja Family Pack

Fröyja Family Pack

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Would you like to purchase more at once without a subscription? Gather family and/or friends and buy together.

✔ Order 3 24-packs, optional flavors and receive 40% on the order!
✔ Pay SEK 1,382 instead of SEK 2,304!
✔ Choose between the flavors '24 -pack Apple', '24 -pack Black Currants' & '24-pack Water'.

An excellent opportunity to stock up at home for all occasions in life or get a group together and share!


FRÖYJA is specially formulated to maintain normal health and healthy skin, it is also beneficial for the stomach and hair.

Active bacterial culture (probiotics + prebiotics = synbiotics) is one of our most important ingredients. Since the stomach plays a central role in our well-being, it is necessary to start by taking care of the stomach to promote health and skin.

Fröyja Apple and Black Currant contain synbiotics, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, biotin, piperine, Q10, pantothenic acid and B12.

Fröyja Water contains synbiotics, magnesium, zinc, biotin and B12.

It is sugar-free, vegan and made in Sweden!

FRÖYJA is a carbonated caffeine-free drink, caffeine inhibits our absorption of important vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it can be consumed by anyone at any time, including nursing mothers, pregnant women and children.

Winner of the award "Best beauty from within" at the Stockholm Beauty Week Award.

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